The boarding - house "The Green Mill" is situated by the river Radunia, only 300 m from the Ostrzyce lake. It was build in year 2000 upon the existing stone foundations of the old medieval mill there. The surrounding peace of land of 7000 m2 is well cared and extends along the river. You can enjoy here peace and tranquility, the beautiful views and the sound of gurgling water. Your safety and high standard of cleanliness area assured.

The "Green Mill" offers:

  • 6 tennis courts
  • 10 bedrooms (2-4 persons)
  • coffee bar
  • exhibition of over 1000 cacti (1.V - 30.X)
  • barbecue of boar or ram.

Central area of the Cashubian Lake District:

  • Gdańsk - 50 km
  • The Radunia Ring of 10 lakes
  • The Cashubian Nature Park
  • Nature reserves
  • Nature scenic points
  • Bicycle routes

We let the inn for events such as integration parties, weddings, anniversaries.

Access to Ostrzyce from Threecity.

Ostrzyce offers:

  • restaurants
  • coffee bars
  • hire of water sports equipment
    • sailing boats
    • canoes
    • fishing boats
  • cart rides (20 person)
  • carriage rides (6 person)
  • hire of bicycles
  • horse riding
  • canoe rallies
  • several scenic points
  • excursion to the Stone Circles and to the Wieżyca Peak (viewing tower 36 m high)

Fishing - Anglers can catch in the lake: pike, perch, tench carp, eel, sheat-fish and in the river: stream trout, whiting and cull.

Mushroom pickers can find many kinds of mushrooms in the surrounding woods.


Mieczysław Burghardt
"Zielony Młyn"
Ostrzyce, ul Kasztelańska 6
83-311 Goręczyno
+(48)(58) 684-16-46
+(48)(58) 694-01-90
email: zielony_mlyn@wp.pl

Ostrzyce is one of the best known tourist spots in this region. It lies along the shores of the Ostrzyce Lake and the Radunia river. It is only 8 km. away from the Wieżyca peak (329 a.s.l.), the highest ridge in the Mid - European low land stretching from the Atlantic to the Ural mountains. Ostrzyce is an old Cashubian village first mentioned in the records of year 1241. It was then the property of the prince Sambor who passed it, together with some other villages, to the bishop of the Kujawy region in payment for his overdue taxes. The village became later the property of the landed gentry. In 1422 it was sold by the noblemen Albrecht and Stefan to the religious Order of the Carthusians. At that time the village already possessed a mill and inn.

The Cashubian Lake District is a large area of lakes and hills situated in north-west Poland and possessing an outstanding beauty of its own. Because of its unique character a considerable part of this area has been designated The Cashubian Nature Park. The park abounds in woods and contains no industry. The air and water remain clean. The most interesting part of the Lake District is its central area. Here are the highest peaks and the largest lakes. Ten of these lakes are joined together by the small river Radunia and form the so-called Radunia Ring.

The horseshoe - shaped Ostrzyce lake extends over an area of 329 ha, with a maximum depth of 21 meters. Most of its shore line is covered by the natural beech forest. Part of the forest is a protected nature reserve. There are other protected areas nearby preserving the primeval flora and fauna untouched by man. The river Radunia flows out of the Ostrzyce lake at a fast rate of 2-5 m3/sec. and reaches ultimately the city of Gdańsk. In its water are found crabs and sponges testifying to the cleanliness of the river.

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